Have you wanted to learn to knit or crochet but aren't sure where to start?  Have you tried learning from books or online and are confused?  Have you learned the basic stitches and are interested in expanding your skills?  


Knitting and crocheting your own things and gifts for others have been a growing trend for the past decade, and shows no sign of slowing.  A handmade gift shows thoughtfulness and sentimentality a store-bought item never can.  Hands-on, in-person instruction is a sure way to learn the best methods, tools and tricks of the trade, and have someone gently and patiently guide you to success.

Located in Northern Georgia near the North Carolina border, I have experience teaching all ages and experience levels, individually and in groups.  I have assisted on an as need basis, when starting a project, or spearheaded a weekly knitting group, where I am there for advice and oversight as everyone works on their own project.  Rates are based on travel and number of people attending.  See below for details.


Knitting Parties!

Are you looking for a fun afternoon or evening activity for you and your friends? Have you been curious about knit or crochet but weren't sure if it was for you?  Find comfort in numbers!  Plan a get-together with your girlfriends (or guyfriends, yarn arts are on the rise among men too) for an adventure in yarncrafting!  This can be a great social activity where you learn the basics of knitting or crochet:  supplies, stitches, and start a simple pattern like a scarf in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  A group means more affordable rates per person- a great way to try it and see if you like it!  

I would coordinate with the host on a location (it can be in your home or a coffeehouse or other casual location) and time.  Everyone in the group is responsible for purchasing a few basic items ahead of time: if the coffeehouse or meeting location is near a yarn store, we can walk through the store together to get you started!  The host is responsible for coordinating refreshments such as snacks and drinks if desired.  

I recommend 2-3 hours to work at a relaxed pace.  See my rate schedule below for more details.



Rates for lessons and parties are mainly based on number of people attending.  The rates below are based on travel within a half hour-40 minutes of the Clayton, Georgia area:  Travel beyond that area (up to an hour and a half) add $5 an hour to any rate.

All rates are per person.

Peronal (one on one): $20/hour.

2-3 people: $15/hour.

4-6 people: $12/hour.

7-10 people: $10/hour.


More than 10 people becomes a challenge to personal attention, but I'm happy to work out rates if you are interested.  Contact me for more information!


To get your crafting adventure started,  contact me to plan a party!!!