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My Craft Space and Vlogging!

 Current Projects (right):  Ernie Sweater for a college friend, Scrubbies for a client in Hawaii, and roses for a store in Cashiers, NC

I realized it has been a while since I have posted, and then in checking the site I confirmed that it has been almost a year!  Egad!  I am easing back into blog posts with a quick tour of my crafting space as I work on some more lengthier projects and posts. Remember, if there is a specific technique you would like to know more about, contact me, post a reply here, etc!


For two years now I have been living in a new apartment that has long, slender bedrooms, and I have turned one into a craft room.  Everything just fits with some careful organization (which can look slopppy at times, but I know where everything is....... for the most part).  Here is a tour in pictures.


First, an overall look of the room.  you can see that I have maximized wall space, every inch of where the wall hits the floor has a cabinet, table, desk, etc.  



I have lovely Ikea cubbies to organize my yarn stash and library of pattern books.  It also has a few drawers where I keep fabric.  There is no good spot for my iron and ironing board, so it generally hangs out over here. overhead, I store odds and ends, but especially packing and shipping supplies for my Etsy store 

I have moved yarn for current projects behind my sewing machine, so it is a bit crowded over there

Just down from the stash is my sewing corner, with maching and thread. This is a great sewing table from Wal Mart, though you can probably find it other places as well.  It collapses down to half it's size, you can store the sewing maching inside of it if you need to camouflage it and use it as a table, I though that could be a space saver, but honestly I use it so much it's not worth closing it up.



In this picture: self-healing mat, ruler, and rotary cutter for fabric, swift and ball winder for yarn, and multiple lights set up for pictures

 The other side of the room:  great table, I believe I got it at JoAnns online, for cutting fabric.  This started as a fabric table, but it is multipurpose for me:  I use it for winding yarn, cutting fabric, laying out new projects, and photographing finished items for Etsy and other marketing material. 



 Adjacent to the cutting table is my work desk, where I am currently writing this blog post, and where most of the technological side of the crafting happens.  Etsy posts, photography cleanup, blogging, and soon vlogging (see below).  Also, when Etsy orders come in, a lot of time is spent printing receipts, communicating with customers, etc.


I posted recently about the bow ties I now make, and a friend said, "Let me know when you make a YouTube video explainaing that!"  That lit a spark within me that perhaps I should jump into the fray that is tutorial video blogging.  I have started a YouTube channel,  just got a tripod for my phone, and have posted exactly one video, essentially a vlogging version of the tour you just read through.  Again, if you have things you would like me to post about, either in video or print, please send me a message, respont to this post, or post on my Facebook page!  


Thanks all, and may your adventures in crafting bring you joy, happiness, and satisfaction.


Expanding ideas for Cystic Fibrosis fundraising through craftwork

Current projects:  Elsa-like cape for my niece (it's being blocked, pictures coming soon)

Rose stuff: see below!


My rose sales have been going well, every year as I gear up for my Great Strides CF walk (see Why I Raise Money for Cystic Fibrosis Research) I sell many crochet rose pins and hairclips (see backs pictured on right), especially at my church and the school at which I work.  over the past two years, I have sold over 100 each year, raising quite a bit for the CFF, as I donate half of the sales to this worthy organization.  This year I raised over $2,000 and counting, in no small part to my rose sales and talks about CF in my community.

Sarah just turned 5 last Saturday, and I am rededicating my efforts to developing other ways to sell the crochet roses, or other products with roses on them.  "65 Roses" has become the name for Cystic Fibrosis, especially for those young children with the condition who find the technical name hard to pronounce.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am working on rose-print bowties, and very excited with the results.  

Another new product: a variation on a theme, if you will, are roses on headbands.  A coworker requested this, and the result is very cute, I have added them to my Etsy Site.  I am looking forward to other items I can attach them to, or other ways they can by presented, let me know if you have ideas.


May your crafting sailboat carry you through the stressful seas of life.


Almost to 200 roses!

Current projects:  


finished my experiment with metallic highlighted yarn, see my fun fingerless gloves on Etsy.  Next I'm going to make gloves out of black metallic :)


Also working on a cute sweaterdress for my niece for Xmas.  posting pictures soon.


A quick post to update everyone on my rose sales.  As some of you may know, I raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research by selling crochet roses (the nickname for Cystic Fibrosis is "65 Roses.").  See more about why I raise money to help my niece here, and see colors of most of the roses I make here.  I charge $10, and $5 goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  For a guide to how I make the roses, see my post on "65 Roses Crochet Flower"


I examined my records, and discovered I am almost to 200, 191 sold!  That is over $950 raised for research through roses alone.  For anyone who likes numbers and stats, here is a list of sales so far.  I'll list them by color, most popular first, with type of backing next to it (you can get them with a pin, hairclip, or aligator pin on the back).  Some sales are the result of a large order in one color, or wanting 30 roses all different colors, so it is hard to scientifically deduce on which colors I should focus moving forward.  I have about 30 in stock of all different colors currently.  Some of the roses are pictured at the bottom of this post.


Roses Sold as of October 15, 2012:

26 solid red (21 pins, 1 hairclip, 1 gator pin)

24 pink, purple, and green variegated (all pins)

19 purple variegated (16 pins, 2 hairclips, 1 gator pin)

15 pink variegated (14 pins, 1 hairclip)

9 green variegated (7 pins, 1 hairclip, 1 gator clip)

8 cream (6 pin, 2 hairclip)

8 red variegated (4 pins, 3 hairclips, 1 gator pin)

6 Hard candy- red and white (2 pins, 3 hairclips, 1 gator pin)

7 cotton candy pink (all pins)

5 purple & gray variegated (all pins)

5 solid purple (all pins)

5 turquoise & tan variegated (all pins)

4 peach-pink (2 pins, 1 hairclip, 1 gator pin)

4 purple & black variegated (all pins)

4 pink, red, purple mix (all pins)

4 sherbet- yellow, orange, and red (all pins)

3 blue-gray variegated (all pins)

3 fall variegated (all pins)

3 purple & blue variegated (all pins)

2 bright yellow (all pins)

2 light blue variegated (all pins)

2 medium/light blue variegated (all pins)

2 muted yellow variegated (all pins)

2 orange variegated (all pins)

2 periwinkle variegated (all pins)

2 light blue (all pins)

2 medium blue (all pins)

1 gray variegated pin

1 dark pink pin

1 green pin

1 magenta pin

1 magenta-red pin

1 navy pin

1 pale pink pin

1 pink & gray variegated pin

1 scarlet pin

1 turquoise, blue & gray variegated pin

1 yellow & tan variegated pin

solid redpink, purple & greenpurple variegatedpink variegated

For those that are interested, that's 9 aligator clips (4.7%), 14 hairclips (7.3%), and 168 pins (88%).  I only started making hairclips as an option recently, and the gator clips even more recently than that.  Sales come from fundraisers I attend, prders placed in person, and online Etsy sales.  Check out the rose section of my Etsy store, or contact me for a custom order!


May your crafting bring you happiness and satisfaction such as raising money for a good cause.




so many crochet roses......

Current projects:

Roses, roses, roses, roses...... (you get the idea)


So I spent a good chunk of time today photographing all the different colors of roses I've made lately, and posted them all on Etsy.  Click the link here to see them all: anyone who has "liked" my Facebook page or follows me on Twitter has already gotten updates on them all, thanks for your patience!!  I still have more colors of yarn to go.....  See pictures of some of them below.


I'm about to write a check to the CF Foundation for $450 from the proceeds of all the rose sales and other CF products over the past 3 months, thanks to everyone who helped support the cause by purchasing items!


May you find the happiness and satisfaction I have in your own crafting.