The Adventure Continues.....




Finally back home!

Current Projects:


1. Forest Path Lace Shawl

Status: tier 1 almost done: see pics below

2. Black, red & gray baby hat to go with blanket (see earlier posts)

Status: DONE!







3. "Rosewood" scarf

Status:  16", side project, much more going on


4. Bridal shower quilt

Status: planning stages: see below


New England Music Camp Finally home after 3 weeks visiting family and this past weekend going to the 75th anniversary of the music camp I attended as a camper and counselor in the '90s.  It was a great road trip with friends to Maine, and I've realized how much I miss music as a central part of my life-  we'll see how much I can rectify that.Outdoor bowl for concerts

Time to dive back into crafting full steam.  I have many projects going at once right now, some personal, some commissioned projects.  I leave for another vacation trip in a week and a half, let's see what I can get done!!


Let's start with what I got done last night:  A baby hat to go with the blanket I made on my trip to Illinois.  It is for a friend who wanted a non-traditional, more "goth-style" present for her friend who is expecting.  I wasn't sure whether to make the hat completely match the blanket or simply use the same colors, and I went with the former.  The hat is pictured above (#2), the blanket here and in earlier posts.






colors & fabricdesign planOn my road trip I met with a friend from high school who has commissioned me to make a quilt from rectangles written on at a bridal shower.  It will be traditional to some extent, with a bit of a twist in layout as 13 of the 14 squares were written on in "landscape" orientation, one in "portrait" orientation.  I have put the portrait one towards the center, to be counter-balanced by another square rotated to portrait as it was written on by a toddler and is not as legible as the others.  See the plan pictured here-  the gray will be the blue fabric, the darkest squares in the design the deep red fabric.  Assembly will not be as straightforward due to the center square and the alternating rectangles around it, but I'm looking forward to the challenge-  I just need to figure out the right order of assembly.


The rosewood scarf mentioned above is to go with a hat and mittens already made, but may not be finished up quickly as I have two friends who have commissioned other mittens or scarf sets that I will probably work on before this one, but this is the one that was easily brought on my trip.


"lilly of the valley""leaves"











 Finally, my first adventure in lace knitting, the only personal project amongst all those above, is going slowly but fun.  Most of what I have done so far was while I was stuck in the Bloomington, Illinois airport for 12 hours last week.  The pattern is of interlocking tiers of 3 different patterns, called "forest path stole" from a book of the best patterns from Interweave Knits.  Some is going better than other patterns, but I have only done each square about once, I'm on a learning curve.  The "lilly of the valley" square was a bit frustrating, it involved multiple increases and yarn overs on one row, then purling 5 together on the next.  I think it will take many more tries to get it right.  With 40+ tiers, I think I'll get it eventually.  The "leaf" square came out much better in half the time.  The stole is hard to photograph, as the true pattern will only be seen well when it is blocked a the end-  right now the stitches are somewhat bunched together.  Blocking a huge piece as this will be when I am done will be a challenge-  if anyone has any tips let me know!!


Off to see how my recently serviced sewing machine works, as well as devoting a little time to getting ready for the upcoming school year (mostly still ignoring that, I have about 2.5 weeks to procrastinate)


May all your days be filled with crafty happiness and satisfaction!




Lace knitting

Current project:
Lace "forest path" shawl, personal project
Status: lower border and "starter triangles" done

So this is my first lace knitting project, and so far it's an adventure. Everything's on holders, as you can see in the pics above, and it will have interlocking squares of leaf-type patterns on it- so far I'm following the pattern and hoping it will come out right. I may not know exactly how it will look until I block it when done, that will be a whole other adventure.....

I do love a challenge and something new to do, so I'm having a blast. May you find happiness and satisfaction too.


Baby blanket done!

Current project:
Knit baby blanket, black, red, and gray
Status: done! See above.

Hoping to make a hat to go with it when I get home.

Next, I'm going to work on a personal project: my first lace knitting pattern- see a pic of the yarn I'm using above. Looking forward to it :)

When I get home next week, I'll probably start working on multiple projects at once again- word on my sewing machine's checkup is it's a-ok waiting for me to pick it up when I'm back on the east coast.

Off to try fun lacework, may you also discover happiness and satisfaction!



Current project:
Knit baby blanket: black, red, and gray
Status: 28", almost there! Picture above

Work continues on the baby blanket- maybe I'll be done by the weekend?

I went out investigating local craft stores, and Hancock Fabrics was recommended. I checked it out, and it was much better stocked than the local Joanns- they even had yarn supplies! I got a few crochet books, but was not intending to buy a lot as I have to fly home next week, and it had to fit in a suitcase!

I have been brainstorming a new Cystic Fibrosis line, however, involving roses. One of the nicknames for the condition is "65 roses," because it's easier for children who have it to say. I'm now on the lookout for rose fabric for a new line of quilted products. I found the great fabric pictured above at Hancock, and bought a bunch as I didn't think I'd find it at home. Now I just need to figure out what to make with it- any suggestions?

I also threw in a great self portrait of my niece- she's very adept at using the iPhone, even at 2 years old.

May you find happy and satisfying surprises as you craft as I did!



Current project:
Goth baby blanket: black, red, gray; knit
Status: 17"

Work is slowly progressing on the baby blanket- much wider than a baby sweater, so takes a bit more time. I'm making it holding 2 strands of yarn together at once, with separate blacks for each edge, which means I have wound 4 balls of yarn 2 strands thick. The yarn is soft and slippery, and the different colors need to be untangled regularly as they are wrapped around each other while knitting so no holes appear where I change colors, therefore I end up with sad looking balls of yarn that need to get rewrapped regularly. Yeesh. The blanket is looking great, though.

I threw in a couple of shots of the corn on my sister's street- not right next to her house, but proof I'm in Illinois!

May you find happiness and satisfaction to outweigh the slippery frustrations of your craft as well.