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65 Roses sold!!

Current Projects:

Just finished a purple crochet baby blanket for a friend, see etsy listing for what it looks like if you want one too!


Currently I'm working on roses, roses, roses!!!!


So I'm excited to announce I just reached my (first) sales goal of selling 65 roses!  I an earlier post, I talked of why I have started my rose-making campaign, to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis:  the nickname for the disease is "65 Roses," it's easier for children to pronounce (many who suffer from CF are children).  I have made about 90 roses since I started this summer, and just sold 5 this week, bringing the total to 65!!  I'm thrilled things are going so well.  For more on the cause and my connections to it, click on the link at the top of the page on Why I Raise Money for Cystic Fibrosis Research.


Earlier this month I sold roses at a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation walk at Linvilla Orchards, and sold 30 roses that day, fantastic!!  I also sold a few quilted items in the Great Strides (the walk name) pinwheel theme and colors.  thanks to all who supported me there!  50% of the sales from the items sold that day will go to the CFF, $220!


Overall from the roses, which I sell for $10 a piece, $325 has been raised for CF research.  Here is a tally of the colors sold so far.  A few are up on Etsy, I hope to get more up there soon!!

solid redSolid Red: 14

Pink variegated: 7

Purple Variegated: 9

Turquoise Variegated: 3

Green Variegated: 5

Solid Purple: 1

green variegatedSolid Blue: 1

Pink & Gray: 1

Blue & Gray: 2

Periwinkle Variegated: 1

Bright Yellow: 1

Purple & Black: 3

pink variegatedPurple & Gray: 2

Purple & Pink: 2

Purple & Blue: 2

Cotton Candy Pink: 7

Cream: 2

Light Blue mix: 1

purple variegatedMedium Blue mix: 1


I'm teaching students where I work how to make these roses themselves this weekend, while I make more and more and more!!!!  


May you find as much happiness and satisfaction crafting as I have lately helping a good cause.



Linvilla Orchards Great Strides Walk coming up!

Hello all-


Just a quick post to alert anyone checking in that I am going to be selling many of my products this weekend at a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  Details are below.  I have made over 40 rose pins and hairclips for the event, and am bringing many of the other items in my Etsy store as well.  50% of sales from my "rose" and "pinwheel" collections goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as 25% of other items.

When:  Saturday, October 1, 9 AM-12 PM

Where:  Linvilla Orchards, Media, PA

What: Great Strides walk to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research, sponsored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


Come out for great food, company, and to support a great cause!  For anyone who wants to walk, it is free to do so, though they encourage a donation of some kind. 


Maybe I'll see you there, untill them I'll be making roses (when I'm not teaching).  May you find happiness and satisfaction crafting!




Quilt Show (what fun)

Current Projects:

1.  Crochet baby blanket:  on hold

2. Camel cable ribbon mittens:  done, see listing on Etsy.  Also see listing for matching hat.








3.  Roses, Roses, Roses!  Working on mass producing rose clips and pins as a Cystic Fibrosis walk is on the horizon in two weeks.


4.  Letter blocks with rose print backing, still in the brainstorming phase.


This one used over 6,000 squares of fabric!This weekend I went to the Philadelphia Area Quilt Show, in Oaks, PA.  Wow, so amazing to see what can be done with quilts and by quilters.  I only took a few pictures, but really could have maxed out my phone memory on pictures, they were all so beautiful.  It was also a great opportunity to grab some fat quarters (a yard of fabric divided into quarters) and 1/2 yards to start developing my plans for the rose fabric I bought out in Illinois (see more below).

 closeup of above: a single piece of fabric, all machine quilted with 2 colors of thread: amazing!





The one gadgety impulse buy I had was the "Sticky Master," a reuseable lint roller.  The pink surface is sticky when dry, rinses easily with water or soapy water, and ready to use again when dry.  I'm hoping to replace all my other attempts at lint rollers, especially the sticky sheets you throw away when full and no longer sticky.





I bought many half yards and fat quarters, as mentioned above, to start developing new products for my Rose line of Cystic Fibrosis fundraising products.  I'm hoping to use the rose fabric I bought in Illinois, with colorful appliqued letters on top, either as wall hangings, or pillows.  Now if only I had time to work on the projects!  Since the school year has started, I've been quite busy!  Look for pictures as the ideas develop.


May crafting happiness and satisfaction follow you all of your days.



Roses galore!!

Current Projects: Still many!!

1.Custom order bridal shower quilt: Done (see left)!!  delivery in progress.

2. Rosewood cable scarf: 43", goal 65"

3-4. Green crochet baby blanket & Lace forest path stole, no progress, on hold.

5. Cable hat, finished!  to be posted on Etsy soon.

6. Crochet roses, many many many, see below.  5 pink listed on Etsy



view from my cabin porchWhere I craftedI have been on vacation for a week, and school is starting up again, so posts will be more intermittent, but I'll try to post once a week.  My vacation was on blissful Three Mile Island (no, not that one), an Appalachian Mountain Club owned island on Lake Winnepesauke in New Hampshire.  Rustic living, though meals are provided, some pictures are included.  A great place to focus on my crafting, and while I brought a  whole duffel of yarn to make various items, I started to focus in on the roses I introduced in the last post.  As I told my story to friends, they all wanted to buy the roses I was making-  in the end I sold 25!!  Three I had to make off-island as I ran out of time.  The tally of colors is below:



Red: 6

Variegated (color changing) purple: 3

Variegated turquoise: 3

Variegated pink: 3

Variegated green: 4

Purple: 1

Medium blue: 1

Pink & gray: 1

Blue & gray: 1

Variegated periwinkle: 1

Yellow: 1


I am busy making more in my off-time for work, preparing for a fundraiser for CF in October.  To read the story of why I am making roses, and why I will celebrate when I sell 65, please read the last previous post.  I have made 35 so far, and as stated above, sold 25, on my way!  Thanks to everyone on 3mile for their generosity.


May you all find the happiness and satisfaction crafting I did last week!




65 Roses crochet flower

Current Projects: Many!

1. Lace knitting and rosewood scarf: on hold as I brainstorm and take care of commission orders


2. "pine" cable mittens, knit

Status: DONE!  See listing on Etsy









3. Commission bridal shower quilt

Status: sewing started





4. Crochet baby blanket: ripples

Status: about 6"






5. 65 roses crochet project

Status: one done, another 90% done, just working on backings, see below


I am back to brainstorming and working on fundraising ideas for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, to help those like my niece with CF live better lives.  There are a couple of walks to raise money in the fall for which I am trying to make new and varied products.  Thanks to those of you with ideas on how to use the rose fabric, I have ideas for letters appliqued on rose backgrounds, but need to finish the commissioned quilt first.


Let me back up and explain the roses.  I have mentioned before, a nickname for Cystic Fibrosis is "65 roses," because it is easier for children with the disease to say.  Hence the rose fabric, and the crochet idea developing below.  Honestly, I needed a break from pinwheels, and also am looking for smaller less expensive items to boost sales.


I'm very excited by the crochet rose idea.  It's based on a  pattern I saw in the book "The Crochet Bible," and I hope to make them into pins or with the option to attach to other products such as hats, etc.  That last idea came from a new contact on Twitter, KittenyKate (click here to see her fundraising site, here to see an article about her), who I came across through other links-  she's a 29 year old with CF in London.  For those of you who are interested, here are the steps in making this fun product.   I first tried it with sport weight yarn, because it's what I had on hand.  That made a bulky rose 6" across.  Now I'm using sock weight yarn (size 1), and the finished product is around 3.5" across, and holds its shape better.

1st attempt- sport weight yarn, 6" across

Note-  my camera has decided that the red yarn should look abstract, so some of the pictures below do not have the definition I was hoping for, though you can still see the shape.


Step 1: Make the leaves- this comes from progressive stitches up and down both sides of the foundation chain, from single crochet (sc) to half double crochet (hdc, not the same as single crochet, math does not function normally here), double crochet (dc), triple crochet (tc, sometimes called treble crochet), and back down again.  I'm essentially doing this all with sock yarn, and love this color changing yarn I found for the leaves, it makes each one unique.  Three will be used on each rose.





chainStep 2: the body of the rose.  I thought I'd be starting with a small center, and working my way out-  that comes later.  First, chain 87 (right).  Pretty long.

2 rows of scNext, two rows of single crochet (you end up with 86 stitches, left).








row 3The next row goes through a combo of the same stitches above in the leaves, with two stitches in every single crochet of the row before, so you end up with a rippling effect (right).



row 4





The following row adds to the ripple-  2 dc in the middle stitches, single crochet where petals meet to give even more definition (left).








5 sc roundStep 3: attaching the body to a base to make it look like a flower!  A small 5 sc round is created, and 2 sc attaching a base chain from the body goes into each sc in the round.  you end up with a spiraling out round base that layers the body.  a little stitch shaping and tying in the ends, stitching on the leaves, and you're done!


In the next few days I'll investigate backings, pin fasteners, posts, etc, and also see how many flowers I can make out of one skein, that will determine the price in the end-  I'm shooting for between $5-$10 per flower-  If I sell them onine I have to figure out how to keep shipping costs down  I have bought yarn in several colors, such as purple, blue, pink variegated, etc, so there will be more than red in the end.


Very exciting, on to more work.  Hope your crafting is just as exciting, bringing tons of happiness and satisfaction.