The Adventure Continues.....




Day one!

Hello world!  Time to try my hand at blogging, and see what all the fuss is about.  I have been crafting in one form or another most of my life.  I tried a crafting business in the early 2000's selling embossed metal, tramping all around New England and the Mid-Atlantic.  That barely broke even, and my career as a boarding school teacher became all consuming.  I decided to retire my crafting business instincts.

All the while, I had been secretly teaching myself to knit.  When that seemed accomplished and my family all had hats, scarves, sweaters, and socks, I turned to crochet.  Many baby blankets later, I decided to take on the challenge of the sewing machine, which I hadn't touched since Junior High, and a rampant quilting obsession was born:  now I could get baby blankets done in half the time!!

A few years and several queen size quilts later, I continue to look for new challenges.  My summers afford me with a little more free time to focus on my crafting, and this year's challenge is to see if the wider crafting and buying market may take to my crafted items the way they did not quite to my metalwork.  This challenge will test whether the wider public will like my work as much as my family, who essentially have to love it because it comes from me.  I think my work is good, but not perfect-  as often as my friends and family say that's what makes it unique and special, and people know it's handcrafted, I am too much of a perfectionist to truly buy in.

The first thing I have done this week is to create a shop on Etsy:  I have posted many items I have made over the past few years to get me up and running until I have time to make more:  the real dilemma is how much do I sink in before I start to see results, and how much needs to be up in order to garner business?  A fine line to walk, the balance of which was not struck last time.

The second thing I am doing right now:  blogging about what I am doing.  Call it therapy, call it advertising, call it a good time.  I hope to discuss many things, including:


  • My first adventure with lace-type knitting:  What's all the fuss about?
  • Quilting pinwheels for Cystic Fibrosis research: can I raise funds for CFF?
  • The joys of cable knitting:  looks hard, but so easy!
  • Is there something in the water where I work, or is everyone getting pregnant to get one of my blankets?
  • Crochet vs knitting: pros and cons
  • Baby blankets: knit, crochet and quilting
If any of these topics interest you, or if you would like to read my thoughts about something else, please let me know!  Right now I am off to see if I can figure out how to upload pictures to this site, and maybe post another item on etsy.  May your adventures in crafting bring you happiness and satisfaction.


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