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My Craft Space and Vlogging!

 Current Projects (right):  Ernie Sweater for a college friend, Scrubbies for a client in Hawaii, and roses for a store in Cashiers, NC

I realized it has been a while since I have posted, and then in checking the site I confirmed that it has been almost a year!  Egad!  I am easing back into blog posts with a quick tour of my crafting space as I work on some more lengthier projects and posts. Remember, if there is a specific technique you would like to know more about, contact me, post a reply here, etc!


For two years now I have been living in a new apartment that has long, slender bedrooms, and I have turned one into a craft room.  Everything just fits with some careful organization (which can look slopppy at times, but I know where everything is....... for the most part).  Here is a tour in pictures.


First, an overall look of the room.  you can see that I have maximized wall space, every inch of where the wall hits the floor has a cabinet, table, desk, etc.  



I have lovely Ikea cubbies to organize my yarn stash and library of pattern books.  It also has a few drawers where I keep fabric.  There is no good spot for my iron and ironing board, so it generally hangs out over here. overhead, I store odds and ends, but especially packing and shipping supplies for my Etsy store 

I have moved yarn for current projects behind my sewing machine, so it is a bit crowded over there

Just down from the stash is my sewing corner, with maching and thread. This is a great sewing table from Wal Mart, though you can probably find it other places as well.  It collapses down to half it's size, you can store the sewing maching inside of it if you need to camouflage it and use it as a table, I though that could be a space saver, but honestly I use it so much it's not worth closing it up.



In this picture: self-healing mat, ruler, and rotary cutter for fabric, swift and ball winder for yarn, and multiple lights set up for pictures

 The other side of the room:  great table, I believe I got it at JoAnns online, for cutting fabric.  This started as a fabric table, but it is multipurpose for me:  I use it for winding yarn, cutting fabric, laying out new projects, and photographing finished items for Etsy and other marketing material. 



 Adjacent to the cutting table is my work desk, where I am currently writing this blog post, and where most of the technological side of the crafting happens.  Etsy posts, photography cleanup, blogging, and soon vlogging (see below).  Also, when Etsy orders come in, a lot of time is spent printing receipts, communicating with customers, etc.


I posted recently about the bow ties I now make, and a friend said, "Let me know when you make a YouTube video explainaing that!"  That lit a spark within me that perhaps I should jump into the fray that is tutorial video blogging.  I have started a YouTube channel,  just got a tripod for my phone, and have posted exactly one video, essentially a vlogging version of the tour you just read through.  Again, if you have things you would like me to post about, either in video or print, please send me a message, respont to this post, or post on my Facebook page!  


Thanks all, and may your adventures in crafting bring you joy, happiness, and satisfaction.

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